Barry Gordon - After a near death experience in Vietnam as a Navy diver in 1966, he immersed himself into life skills that now help others cope with loss, trauma & PTSD

Meet Barry Gordon

Physicist, Author, Minister & Energy Psychology Coach

Transformational Life Counseling (TLC)

Employees: Family run
Profession: Life Counselor

Highlights of TLC

  • Help clients achieve rapid, remarkable, long-lasting results
  • Offers new insights & techniques for addiction/recovery
  • Leads others in discovery of self-worth, self-confidence & Self-Esteem

After my near death experience in Vietnam, I spent years learning ways to heal my trauma.  Since 1982, I've been helping others to heal theirs.  My clients report feeling lighter, happier and more energetic after every session.  I provide compassionate coaching via Zoom, telephone, or in my Prescott home office.

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