Chuck Apap - After an extremely successful teaching & football coaching career, he saw the value of landscaping & property improvement

Meet Chuck Apap

Business Owner
Apap Landscaping

Employees: 5
Profession: Landscaper

Highlights of Apap Landscaping

  • Developing garden on Butte Road on the Vista Garden Tour in 2022
  • Developing the garden on Vista Street on the Vista Garden Tour in 2022
  • Massive 32 steps built from road to house as well as 152 foot by 5 foot deck at Pine Lake house

I started my landscaping company & garden at my house when I retired from coaching and teaching.  I work with people who would like to improve their property with better landscaping & just don't know where to start, or what kind of plants to use.  I come and assess the areas they want to improve & come up with & implement a plan to best fit their property and help achieve their goals.  Besides doing gardens I also build decks & remodel decks

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