Elyse Rose - Fullfilling her passion for sending people on their 'trip of a lifetime'

Meet Elyse Rose

A Time to travel

Employees: Herself
Profession: Travel Agent

Highlights of A Time to Travel

  • Certified Tahiti specialist, premier Aussie specialist & Kiwi Gold specialist
  • American Express Travel Advisor
  • Recruited by Actour International, one of the largest companies in the world

I grew up in the chicago suburbs and at a young age I had a fascination with travel to exotic lands.  My goal was to work at O'Hare Airport.  At age 20, that came to fruition.  My passion for travel and sending people on 'trips of a lifetime' endures to this day.  With my love of travel, I custom design intricate international trips & send clients on journeys to stunning & historically rich destinations.