Gayla Gordon - Utilizing decades of specialization in metaphysical methods, her introduction to LifeWave stem cell patches are enhancing the well-being of all her clients

Meet Gayla Gordon

LifeWave Direct Service Associate

Employees: Family run
Profession: Product Marketing

Highlights of Gayla Gordon & HiVitality

  • 2nd leading preferred customer sponsor worldwide for LifeWave
  • Conducting seminars & special events in which to unveil the process of how LifeWave Stem Cell Patches work for everyone
  • Offering consultation on how stem cell patches offer pain relief, stress relief, more energy, deeper sleep & better performance.

I was born in The Year of The Golden Dragon.
In 1966, I moved to California whereupon I was soon initiated into Transcendental Meditation
In 1973, I Founded the Santa Cruz Branch of the Sufi Order International.
Starting in 1986, I studied Tibetan Buddhism, for nearly a decade.

I've traveled throughout China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, France, England and all over the U.S. to be with venerable Masters from whom I coined the motto “A miracle a day keeps the doldrums away”.
I also have a richly rewarding, spiritually satisfying, entrepreneurial home based business.

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