Gibert Olwine - Upholding the dignity & respect of those afflicted with Alzheimer's & Dementia

Meet Gibert Olwine

Admissions Director
Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes

Employees: Team member
Profession: Admissions Community Relations

Highlights of Giberts' role

  • Participating in the opening of 7 homes in 8 years
  • Building & maintaining of all homes at all times
  • Became a team member in 2018

At circle of life Alzheimer's homes, our primary focus is for our residents to live at our institutional homes to best uphold the dignity & respect of those afflicted with Alzheimer's/Dementia.  We believe in the benefits of small occupancy, private home settings where 100 percent 'Person-Directed Care' is given.  Each of our homes has 3 to 5 residents to 1 care partner offering 24/7 supervision.  We specialize in late-stage Alzheimer's/Dementia and care for those with all familiar behavioral tendencies (wandering, yelling, combative, OCD's) with great success.

Visit me at my business location
1315 Covey Trail
Prescott, AZ