Meeting Agenda

Weekly Meeting Procedures & Agenda

OPENING PROCEDURES: What needs to be done and who does it

  • Referral/Thank You slips placed on table where members are sitting – Assistant Director
  • Speaker Schedule get circulated to all members – Assistant Director
  • Confirm that speakers of the day are in attendance
  • Member designated as official timer is ready – Assistant Director
  • Check guests & visitors – Assistant Director/Director will announce
  • Introduce New Members – Membership Coordinator

MEETING AGENDA: What needs to be done and who does it

  • Read Mission/Purpose – Director Selects Member
  • Introduce Visitors – Membership Coordinator
  • General Announcements – Director/Head Table
  • One minute Commercial – Director
  • Solicit referrals from members – Assistant Director
  • Pass basket for business card submission – Director
  • Introduce speakers who will make presentations – Director
  • Tabulate Inside/Outside leads – Assistant Director
  • Financial Report – Treasurer
  • 1 minute response to the theme of the meeting – Director
  • Thought for the day

POST MEETING RESPONSIBILITIES: What needs to be done and who does it.

  • Give referral slips to the Treasurer – Everyone
  • Collect unused Referral Slips/Thank You slips – Assistant Director

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