Mick Szoka - His path toward mortgage banking was inspired in his youth by his mom & teacher who both saw his proficiency with numbers. His expertise has grown to where he now makes home ownership a reality for many folks

Meet Mick Szoka

Vice President/Bank Manager
Union Home Mortage Corp.

Employees: 4
Profession: Home Mortgage Lender

Highlights of Mick with Union Home Mortgage

  • Overseen growth from $100 million to $7 billion
  • Production went from not being known to $35 million in quad cities
  • Very satisfying to see folks finally get to embrace their dream home

I first entered the mortgage lending profession after graduating from college.  My initial dream was that of an entrepreneur. But after being guided by my mom, who was an operations manager for a mortgage company as well as my proficiency with numbers & math at an early age, I entered the free market within the Secondary Mortgage Market.  After a number of years I earned my promotion to Vice President/Bank Manager of Union Home Mortgage in the Quad Cities.

Visit me at my business location
325 W. Gurley street. Suite. 104
Prescott, AZ

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