Nancy Bewley - As a 3rd generation hostess, she has followed her grandparents' legacy with a passion for hosting cultural & social events

Meet Nancy Bewley

Business Owner
Willow Creek Inn

Employees: 1
Profession: Innkeeper

Highlights of Nancy's Willow Creek Inn

  • Attracts out-of-town brides at an inclusive rate for a destination experience
  • Devised cost effective rates for community members to rent venue for business & social events
  • Offering numerous decor items included with the venue rental to avoid excessive personal or 3rd party expenses  

As a 3rd generation wedding hostess, I have had the good fortune of embracing fond memories of my grandparents hosting weddings at the church in the quaint town of Beverly Hills, California. The smell of the traditional Stock wedding blooms is one that never fades.  After our current redecoration and renovation in the summer of 2021, the Willow Creek Inn is now ready to offer delightful social gatherings & celebrations that are sure to create cherished memories.

Visit me at my business location
2516 Willow Creek Rd.
Prescott, AZ