New Member Guide

Here is information about PRESCOTT POWER PARTNERS in NETWORKING (PPP) for you to consider in your decision to become a member.

Please review the PPP By–Laws and the Procedures and Policies which set out the structure and working operation of our organization.  Please be sure to read them, and that you can abide by them.

Benefits for you

We help you connect with a network of success–oriented local business people for the purpose of exchanging business referrals.  You represent, and we promote your business category exclusively.  Each business category is limited to one member – there is no competition.

PPP is a fluid organization that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its members.  The goal is to form groups of complementary businesses whose clientele would make use of other services.  To make it easier to promote referrals, PPP periodically prints membership brochures for members to display and distribute.

The group also looks for opportunities to raise awareness of PPP and member businesses through outreach activities and networking at local events.  Members bring an array of diverse experiences and perspectives that enrich and inform the group, frequently exchanging news about business and educational opportunities in the community.

When You Arrive


Meetings are normally held twice monthly on the first and third Thursday of the month at the historic Hassayampa Inn, and begins promptly at 11:30 AM and ends by 1:00 PM.  Members are encouraged to arrive early to greet each other and exchange referrals.  Details of attendance policy are set out in the Procedures and Policies.  Check the years' meeting schedule for exact meeting dates.

Be sure to bring at least 30 business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. and be prepared to speak about your business for a one minute round.

speaking opportunities

Each member is periodically given the opportunity to speak before the membership regarding some facet of his/her business.  The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint the membership with their business so that they may have the knowledge required to give quality referrals.  For those not speaking, members introduce themselves and their businesses in a one minute 'commercial' during the course of the meeting.  Towards the end of every meeting, a 'theme topic', which has been prearranged, is presented to each speaker for their thoughts, opinions and feelings about the topic presented.

Meeting Lunch Menu Selection

When members arrive at the meeting room in the Hassayampa Inn, the restaurant staff will provide a lunch menu selection to each member so that they may select their lunch choice.  Restaurant staff will take everyones' order and deliver each member their meal in short order.

Membership Termination


Membership will be forfeited for the following reasons

  • Non–payment of monthly dues.
  • Excessive absences.
  • Unethical business practices.
  • Activity deemed detrimental by the group.

Guest Application Process

 To join PPP, read the complete By–Laws and Procedures and Polices, then fill out the Guest Application that is available on the PPP website located at the top of each page.  After completing the online Guest Registration form, click the 'submit' button.  Within 3 days, the guest applicant will be notified about attending a Prescott Power Partners meeting.

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