Robin Springer - A multidimensional professional whose years of experience enable her to offer unique perspectives to best serve her clients

Meet Robin Springer

Business Owner

Employees: Family Run
Profession: Provider of healthy products that go in or on your body

Highlights of Robin Springer's 'Flourishing'

  • Clients telling me how much they love the results they are getting
  • Watching my clients Flourish
  • The social aspect of what I do; talking with people & sharing tools to help them improve their lives

I started Flourishing the way I started my other businesses; out of necessity. I have always been passionate about nutrition, health, and holistic approaches, so it can be challenging to find products that are “Robin-friendly.” When I found products that truly changed my life, I wanted to help others so they wouldn’t have to jump through the hoops I already jumped through. That’s when I founded Flourishing, where we have Healthy Products That Go In or On Your Body.
With more than 250 products that are safe, healthy, non-toxic, and rooted in science, I continue to add to my product line as I find appropriate products.
If you want to see meaningful results without making drastic changes, you’ve come to the right place. When you know better, you do better. I can help you with the "know" (and the "how"). Then you can choose the "do."

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