Siobhan Wisdom - Her mom cultivated within her a desire to inspire others through the beauty of stained glass creations

Meet Siobhan Wisdom

Glass Art Gallery Owner
Bella Light Studios

Employees: 2
Profession: Stained Glass Artist

Highlights of Siobhan's Bella Light Studios

  • Keck Estate 13 windows collection Waiki'i Ranch, Hawaii
  • Ganz Estate Collection, North Shore, Oahu
  • Colorado Renaissance Wedding Chapel

My mom taught me stained glass as a teenager.  I knew that was my happy path in life.  Flash forward to Oahu, I met Kim Hix, Emmy Award winning designer who together, we created a completely new art form with dichroics & copper.  
Creating beauty with the light spectrum and sharing it with the world to help raise the vibration of humanity.

Visit me at my business location
514 East Sheldon
Prescott, AZ

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